How to Create and Access Bittensor Wallet to Store $TAO

Introduction to Bittensor and $TAO

Bittensor represents a significant stride in the integration of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), aimed at decentralizing AI technology. This initiative challenges the traditional centralized approaches spearheaded by major tech corporations.

At its core, Bittensor facilitates the creation of decentralized markets or ‘subnets’, unified through its native cryptocurrency, TAO. TAO plays a pivotal role in the Bittensor ecosystem, enabling transactions, incentivizing participation, and fostering a more democratic approach to AI development and ownership.

Creating a Wallet in Bittensor TAO

Participating in the Bittensor ecosystem begins with setting up a wallet to store and manage your TAO tokens. Here is a detailed guide to creating your wallet:

  • Go to

Step 2: Initiate Wallet Creation

  • Click on “Create” to start creating your wallet, then click on “Create New”

Step 3: Generate Your Mnemonic

  • Click on “Generate Mnemonic”

Step 4: Store Your Seed Phrase

  • Carefully write down the seed phrase provided and then click on “Stored Securely”

Step 5: Confirm Your Seed Phrase

  • Re-enter your seed phrase for verification and click “Continue”

Step 6: Set Up Your Wallet Password

  • Create a strong password for accessing your wallet and click “Continue”

Congratulations, you have successfully created your Bittensor Wallet.

Accessing Your Wallet in Bittensor TAO

Accessing your wallet to manage your TAO tokens is a simple process. Follow these steps to access your wallet:

  • Visit

Step 2: Access Your Wallet

  • Click on “Access”

Step 3: Enter Your Wallet Password

  • Input your wallet access password and click “Access”

Congratulations, you have successfully accessed your Bittensor Wallet.


Creating and accessing a Bittensor TAO wallet is an easy and essential step to engage with the Bittensor ecosystem. This wallet not only stores your TAO tokens but also integrates you into the innovative realm of decentralized AI. Ensure to keep your seed phrase and password secure, as they are crucial for the safety and accessibility of your wallet and tokens. With these tools, you are now ready to participate actively in the transformative world of Bittensor TAO.


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