Exploring Flash Trade Metrics Dashboard with Top Ledger

The world of DeFi continues to evolve, innovative platforms like Flash Trade are revolutionizing the way traders interact with digital assets. Paired with advanced analytical tools like Top Ledger, traders can dive deeper into onchain metrics to make informed decisions. Let’s explore Flash Trade metrics dashboard and how Top Ledger enhances the trading experience with their metrics dashboard.

What is Flash Trade?

Flash Trade is a dynamic platform catering to both traders and liquidity providers in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space. It offers a tailored user interface designed to provide a seamless trading experience.

With features like account abstraction, traders can execute trades directly from their wallets without the need to deposit assets into a centralized account. Flash Trade also enables trading with up to 100x leverage, backed by assets in its liquidity pool, ensuring precision and control over trades.

Benefits and Advantages of Flash Trade

  • Zero Price Impact: Trade any asset of any size with minimal spread and zero price impact.
  • Asset Backed Perpetuals: All margin positions are fully backed by assets in Flash’s liquidity pool, ensuring security and stability.
  • Provide Liquidity and Earn Yield: Liquidity providers can deposit assets into Flash’s Liquidity Pool and earn yield through trading and margin fees.
  • Diverse Token Exposure: Flash offers exposure to a diverse index of top assets, including BTC, ETH, USDC, and more, catering to varied trading preferences.

Viewing Flash Trade On-chain Metrics with Top Ledger

Top Ledger provides end-to-end blockchain analytics, particularly focusing on the Solana ecosystem. By decoding Solana program data and presenting it in comprehensive dashboards, Top Ledger enables users to gain deeper insights into various aspects of blockchain activities. Let’s delve into what Top Ledger offers and how it complements Flash Trade’s functionalities.

What is Top Ledger?

Top Ledger is a powerful analytics platform that allows Web3 growth, analytics, and data science teams to create insightful dashboards from decoded Solana program data. With blazingly fast queries and a user-friendly interface, Top Ledger empowers users to access actionable insights from alternative data sources like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Moreover, it enables the secure integration of private data sources, facilitating comprehensive blockchain analytics.

Benefits and Advantages of Top Ledger

  • Blazingly Fast Queries: Top Ledger’s backend infrastructure pulls in raw data from the Solana blockchain, indexes them into different tables daily, and enables fast querying.
  • Powerful Dashboards: Users can create visually appealing dashboards to present metrics in a clear and precise manner, facilitating data-driven decision-making.
  • Comprehensive Data Integration: Top Ledger supports integration with various data sources, allowing users to combine onchain Solana program data with alternative sources for holistic analytics.
  • End-to-End Analytics Ecosystem: From data extraction to visualization, Top Ledger provides a seamless analytics experience, catering to the diverse needs of Web3 teams, crypto investors, institutions, and developers.

Analyze Flash Trade Data Metrics with Top Ledger Dashboard

You can access the Flash Trade Dashboard here 👇

1. Trades

Trades – Data as of February 11, 2024

With over 32,000 trades recorded, Flash Trade demonstrates a vibrant ecosystem with significant trading activity. This showcases the platform’s popularity and the trust users have in its services. The high number of total trades indicates a healthy and active user base, suggesting that Flash Trade is well-established and trusted within the cryptocurrency community.

Daily trading fluctuations provide a glimpse into market dynamics and user behavior. A high number of trades may indicate a period of increased market activity or an important event that influences trading sentiment.

2. Volume

Volume – Data as of February 11, 2024

Monitoring daily trade volume offers insights into liquidity levels and market activity. Peaks in volume often coincide with major market events or product launches, indicating heightened trader interest.

Analyzing daily trade volume helps traders gauge market sentiment and identify potential trading opportunities during periods of high activity.

Trade Volume – Data as of February 11, 2024

Cumulative trade volume reflects Flash Trade’s overall market presence and impact. It’s a key indicator of the platform’s significance in the cryptocurrency space. Increasing cumulative trade volume suggests growing adoption and usage of Flash Trade, positioning it as a key player in the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem.

3. Collateral

Collateral – Data as of February 11, 2024

Tracking total collateral provides a glimpse into the value locked within Flash Trade’s ecosystem. Higher collateral indicates increased user confidence and platform usage. A growing total collateral suggests that users trust Flash Trade with their assets, indicating the platform’s reliability and credibility in the DeFi space.

Daily Collateral – Data as of February 11, 2024

Daily collateral trade volume reflects fluctuations in collateral utilization and liquidity provision. It’s essential for assessing the effectiveness of collateral management strategies. Monitoring daily collateral trade volume helps Flash Trade optimize its collateral management processes and ensure sufficient liquidity for traders.

4. TVL (Total Value Locked)

Total Value Locked – Data as of February 11, 2024

TVL represents the total value locked within Flash Trade’s ecosystem, reflecting its importance in the DeFi landscape. Fluctuations in TVL provide insights into market conditions and user behavior, guiding strategic decision-making for Flash Trade and its users.

5. Active Wallets

Active Wallets – Data as of February 11, 2024

With 2,957 active wallets, Flash Trade exhibits a substantial user base actively engaging with the platform. The growing number of active wallets suggests increasing user adoption and confidence in Flash Trade, enhancing the platform’s network effect and ecosystem robustness.

6. Liquidations

Liquidations – Data as of February 11, 2024

Fluctuations in daily liquidations reveal market volatility and risk exposure levels among traders. Monitoring liquidations helps traders assess market conditions and adjust their risk management strategies accordingly to mitigate potential losses.

7. Total Fees

Total Fees – Data as of February 11, 2024

With fees totaling over 289,000 USDC, Flash Trade demonstrates its revenue generation capabilities. High fee accrual indicates strong user activity and trading volume, contributing to Flash Trade’s revenue streams and sustainability as a platform.

8. Open Interest

Open Interest – Data as of February 11, 2024

Daily open interest reflects traders’ positions in the market and their willingness to maintain exposure to specific assets. Analyzing open interest helps traders gauge market sentiment and anticipate potential price movements, aiding in strategic decision-making and risk management.


In conclusion, each metric Flash Trade Dashboard provided by Top Ledger offers unique insights into the platform’s performance, market dynamics, and user behavior. By understanding and analyzing these metrics, traders can make more informed decisions, optimize their trading strategies, and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the cryptocurrency market. Interested in accessing and trying the Top Ledger feature? Here is an important link that you should save.


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