Yoyo Market: Revolutionizing Crypto Prediction Markets

In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency, innovation knows no bounds. One such groundbreaking project that has recently gained prominence is Yoyo Market. This player-versus-player prediction market offers Telegram users a simplified, fun, and engaging way to participate in prediction markets. In this article, we will delve into what Yoyo Market is, how it works, the security measures it employs, and the fascinating world of The Yoyonians NFT collection, features, and advantages.

What is Yoyo Market?

Yoyo Market stands as a peer-to-peer prediction market, designed to provide all Telegram users with an accessible and enjoyable experience. The creators of Yoyo Market have developed an in-house Telegram web app that simplifies the process of placing bets, reducing it to just a few taps. Notably, Yoyo Market will be deployed on Arbitrum, a second-layer scaling solution for Ethereum. This integration ensures scalability, low gas fee, and faster transactions for users.

How Does Yoyo Market Work?

At the core of Yoyo Market’s functionality lies the parimutuel betting mechanism. Unlike traditional fixed-odds betting, which involves wagers against the house, parimutuel betting is a peer-to-peer system.

Here’s how it works: each bet contributed by users goes into a pool, and the payout depends on the total pool size and individual bets. There are no fixed odds, and no house edge – it’s purely player versus player action. Payoff odds are calculated by dividing the pool among all winning bets.

Source: yoyo-market.gitbook.io

Why Parimutuel Betting?

This mechanism offers several advantages, including:

1. Transparency

All bets are verifiable on the blockchain, ensuring a high level of transparency in the betting process.

2. Decentralization

Yoyo Market eliminates the need for a centralized house to control odds, ensuring a decentralized and fair betting environment.

3. Trustless Transactions

Smart contracts automate payouts, eliminating the need for intermediaries and enhancing trust among participants.

4. Community Engagement

The parimutuel model encourages competition, interaction, and collaboration among players, fostering an engaged and active community.

Yoyo Market Security

Security is paramount in the cryptocurrency space, and Yoyo Market takes this aspect seriously. Private keys, which are essential for controlling cryptocurrency funds, are safeguarded with industry-standard encryption. These keys are not accessible on the Yoyo Market server, database, website, or any other platform. Users retain access to their private keys and can import them into wallets like Metamask, ensuring complete control over their assets.

The security process involves a multi-layered approach, with three distinct keys:

  1. Secret Key: Securely stored within Telegram.
  2. Encryption Key: Safely stored in the backend, adding an extra layer of security.
  3. Encrypted Private Key: Stored in the database, this key can only be decrypted with both the secret key and the encryption key.

This multi-key system minimizes the risk of a single point of failure. Even if someone gained access to the backend, they would face formidable barriers to accessing user wallets due to the additional layers of protection in place, ensuring the safety of user assets.

The Yoyonians NFT

The Yoyonians NFT collection represents an exclusive set of NFTs crafted for early access users of the Yoyo Market app. During the initial release, only 150 of these unique NFTs will be available to early access users who achieve $150 of prediction volume. These NFTs offer various utilities and advantages:


  1. Symbol of Early Adoption: Owning a Yoyonian NFT signifies early adopter status and a deep affinity for Yoyo Market.
  2. Reduced Betting Fees: Yoyonian NFT holders enjoy reduced fees on their bets, saving valuable crypto with every play (date to be announced).
  3. Early Access to New Features: NFT holders gain exclusive access to upcoming features and updates, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.
  4. Collectible Value: As Yoyo Market’s ecosystem expands, Yoyonian NFTs may become highly sought-after collectibles, especially among larger bettors looking to capitalize on reduced fees.
  5. Airdrop: Yoyo Market plans to airdrop 12% of the total $YOYO supply to Yoyonian NFT holders. This distribution includes 3.25% on token launch for beta testers and 2.75% gradually over time for beta testers, while new early users will receive 6% gradually over time.

Yoyo Market Features

1. Challenge PvP

In the world of cryptocurrency, it’s all about competition. Yoyo Market understands this and offers a Challenge PvP feature, turning the crypto market itself into a player-versus-player arena. This feature adds an element of excitement and rivalry to the platform.

2. Multiplayer Pools

More participants mean more fun. Yoyo Market allows users to create multiplayer pools where anyone can join in on the prediction action. This feature fosters a sense of community and interaction among users.

3. Bet with ETH

Predictions on Yoyo Market are made effortlessly with Ethereum (ETH). In the future, the platform plans to include support for users’ favorite tokens, expanding the possibilities for participants.

Advantages of Yoyo Market

Yoyo Market’s unique approach to prediction markets offers several advantages:

1. Pari-mutuel Mechanism

Yoyo Market employs a pari-mutuel mechanism, where winners share the total pool, minus fees, according to their individual wagers. This approach ensures transparency and fairness in the prediction market. Unlike traditional fixed-odds betting, Yoyo Market’s parimutuel system fosters user interaction and dynamic payouts, aligning with the principles of decentralization and trustlessness.

2. Prioritizing User Experience

Yoyo Market places a strong emphasis on user experience. The platform is designed to make the prediction process visual, with a web-app accessible directly from within Telegram. This commitment to user-friendly design enhances the overall experience for participants, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to engage with prediction markets.

3. Multi-Chain Support

Yoyo Market’s multi-chain support allows users to predict the prices of crypto tokens on any blockchain. The platform leverages price data from leading decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and Chainlink price feeds. This versatility opens up a wide range of prediction possibilities, making it attractive to users in various blockchain ecosystems.

4. Multi-Platform Accessibility

Yoyo Market offers seamless access across multiple platforms. Users can effortlessly switch between their mobile phones and desktop applications, ensuring convenience and accessibility regardless of their preferred device. This flexibility enhances user engagement and convenience.

5. Robust Security

Yoyo Market prioritizes the security of user assets. Private keys are safeguarded with industry-standard encryption and are not accessible on the platform’s servers, databases, or website. Users retain control over their private keys, providing complete autonomy over their funds. The multi-key system employed by Yoyo Market minimizes the risk of a single point of failure, ensuring that users’ assets remain well-protected.


Yoyo Market has an ambitious roadmap that outlines its plans for the future:

Phase One

  • Yoyo Wallet: The platform will introduce its Yoyo Wallet, enhancing user convenience.
  • PvP Challenges: Users can expect exciting player-versus-player challenges.
  • Multiplayer Pools: More opportunities for users to participate.
  • Chainlink Price Feeds: Reliable price data from leading DEXs and Chainlink feeds.

Phase Two

  • PnL Screenshots: Tools for users to track their profits and losses.
  • Competitions: Engaging competitions to add excitement.
  • Leaderboards: A competitive element to recognize top performers.

Phase Three

  • Referral System: Encouraging growth through referrals.
  • Predict Real-World Events: Expanding prediction possibilities.
  • Platform Expansion: Moving beyond Telegram with a Progressive Web App (PWA).

Yoyo Token

Token Information

  • Token Name: Yoyo Market
  • Symbol: YOYO
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000
  • Network: Ethereum Mainnet
  • Contract Address: 0x4A88eBF6F76b04f5e0e71a351A22e573f636aFFE
  • Tax: 4/4 buy/sell


Token Allocation

  • 80% of the supply will be added to the liquidity pool on deployment and initially locked for 6 months.
  • 12% will be airdropped to beta testers and early users who hold a Yoyonian NFT.
  • 8% will be team tokens with a 12-month cliff, followed by 6 months of linear vesting.

Tax allocation

  • 40% will be allocated to growth of the project: prediction pools liquidity, development, marketing, mods, infrastructure and other mandatory day-to-day costs
  • 40% weekly rebates for stakers
  • 20% will be added back into the liquidity pool


The Yoyo Token plays a crucial role within the Yoyo Market ecosystem:

  • Users who stake YOYO tokens will be eligible for weekly fee rebates, with 40% of revenue allocated to this rebate.
  • Yoyo Token is used to pay for gas fees related to settling challenges and pools within the platform.
  • While the app is free to use, it charges a 5% fee on successfully executed pools and PvP predictions, with the fee being used for various project-related expenses.

Reasons Bullish on Yoyo Market

  1. Innovative Features
    Yoyo Market stands out with its innovative features such as Challenge PvP, Multiplayer Pools, and the ability to bet with Ethereum (ETH). These features not only provide an engaging user experience but also set the platform apart in the prediction market space, attracting users seeking unique and interactive opportunities.
  2. User-Friendly Interface
    Yoyo Market’s in-house Telegram web app simplifies the prediction process, making it accessible to both novice and experienced crypto enthusiasts. The platform’s commitment to user-friendliness ensures a smooth onboarding experience, which is crucial for attracting and retaining users.
  3. Security
    The platform’s robust security measures, including industry-standard encryption and multi-key systems, prioritize the safety of users’ assets. With complete control over their private keys, Yoyo Market users can engage in prediction markets with confidence, further boosting trust in the platform.
  4. Roadmap
    Yoyo Market’s ambitious roadmap outlines its plans for continuous development, including the introduction of the Yoyo Wallet, PvP challenges, multiplayer pools, and more. These upcoming features and phases demonstrate the platform’s commitment to evolution and improvement.
  5. Strategic Partnerships
    Yoyo Market’s partnerships with industry leaders like Flooz, OTSea, Sentiment AI, LNDRY, VaultTech, and PAAL AI bolster its position in the crypto ecosystem. These partnerships bring expertise, innovation, and security to the platform, enhancing its competitive edge and potential for growth.


In conclusion, Yoyo Market is poised to revolutionize the crypto prediction market space by offering a user-friendly, transparent, and secure platform for peer-to-peer betting. With the introduction of The Yoyonians NFT collection, it not only enhances the user experience but also adds unique benefits for early adopters, making it a promising project to watch in the cryptocurrency landscape.

As always, users are encouraged to prioritize security and vigilance when participating in cryptocurrency platforms, and Yoyo Market’s robust security measures aim to provide peace of mind to its users. If you want to do your own research, you can visit the Unodex website below.


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