Orange Finance’s Stryke Vault: Simplifying DeFi Liquidity Management

In the rapidly evolving landscape of decentralized finance (DeFi), the Stryke Vault emerges as a beacon of innovation, solving long-standing challenges and paving the way for a more accessible and profitable liquidity provision. Let’s dive into the heart of Stryke Vault together, exploring its unique features, the problem it solves, and The Spaceship event to reward community.

Problem & Solution

Problem & Solution

Navigating the DeFi space can be daunting, especially for liquidity providers (LPs) grappling with complex interfaces and the balancing act of risk versus reward.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the intricacies of Automated Market Makers (AMMs), with challenges like impermanent loss and the constant need for management? Fear not, because the Stryke Vault is here to simplify liquidity management, ensuring profitability and simplicity for you as Liquidity Provider.

Introducing Stryke ⚡ (formerly Dopex)?

Introducing Stryke ⚡ (formerly Dopex)?

Are you ready to explore a revolutionary cross-chain options market? Say hello to Stryke, formerly known as Dopex, which redefines the decentralized options market.

Dopex is a Decentralized Options Exchange that provides permissionless and non-custodial access to option trading. It aims to minimize losses for liquidity providers and maximize liquidity for option buyers. Users can trade various options with expiries ranging from one hour to one month against community-sourced liquidity.

Additionally, they can earn fees and rewards by providing liquidity and bonding assets for $rtETH. It’s crucial for users to understand the fundamentals and risks of options trading before engaging with Dopex’s products.

Discover Stryke’s Uniqueness

Discover Stryke’s Uniqueness

Dopex stands out with its decentralized and non-custodial access, aiming to minimize losses for liquidity providers while maximizing liquidity for option buyers. Offering a diverse range of option expiries and styles, Dopex relies on community-sourced liquidity to ensure robust trading activities. This unique combination of features provides users with an innovative and flexible trading experience in the decentralized options market.

Introducing Orange Finance

Introducing Orange Finance

Orange Finance stands at the forefront of LPDfi innovation, offering automated strategies to simplify liquidity provision and enhance profitability within LPDfi protocols. With a focus on security, evidenced by a comprehensive audit by yAudit, Orange Finance is dedicated to making LPDfi accessible and user-friendly for you.

Collaboration between Orange Finance and Stryke

Orange Finance and Stryke

The synergy between Orange Finance and Stryke exemplifies successful collaboration in the DeFi space. By developing liquidity management vaults on top of LPDfi protocols, Orange Finance and Stryke collectively address liquidity challenges in DEXes, ensuring smoother trading activities and minimal slippage.

Introducing Stryke Vault

Introducing Stryke Vault

Are you ready to experience seamless liquidity management? Stryke Vault is an automated liquidity management solution that actively rebalances liquidity positions automatically by closely monitoring utilization status. Its key feature, Auto Rebalancing, ensures that positions are adjusted according to market conditions to maximize rewards within a range of ±2.5% from the current price on Stryke.

This feature operates solely through smart contracts and Gelato automation, without any off-chain component on Orange Finance’s end. Additionally, the vault offers liquidity within a narrower range of ±2.0% to optimize rewards in the presence of asset price fluctuations, providing users with a more restrictive but potentially higher reward-generating environment.

Stryke Vault Features

Let’s explore its features together:

  • Auto Rebalancing: Maximize rewards by automatically adjusting liquidity positions according to market conditions, ensuring liquidity remains within the most profitable range for you.
  • Monitoring the Utilization Status: Enable swift liquidity adjustment by frequently assessing utilization, allowing for timely withdrawals and redeposits to maintain optimal reward generation.
  • Anytime Redemption: Enjoy flexibility by redeeming your liquidity anytime, even when positions are utilized, ensuring access to funds when needed.
  • Single Asset Deposit: Simplify the deposit process by allowing single-asset deposits, which are then pooled and managed collectively, reducing the entry barrier for you as Liquidity Provider.

Security: Audit by yAudit

Ensuring the utmost security, the Stryke Vault’s smart contracts and codebase have undergone a thorough audit by yAudit. This meticulous examination underscores Stryke (formerly Dopex) commitment to maintaining a secure and trustworthy environment for you, Stryke (formerly Dopex) & Orange Finance users.

Check detail about audit here:

The Spaceship Event

The Spaceship event celebrates the release of the new LPDfi vault on Stryke (formerly Dopex) with an exclusive launch event, rewarding participants with up to 37,500 ARB based on TVL (Total Value Locked). The event spans four thrilling weeks, beginning with the launch of the Stryke Vault.

Users compete for prizes by depositing into the vault, with rewards unlocking when the TVL reaches $2 million at the campaign’s end. The top 50 depositors share 25,000 ARB equally, with an additional 12,500 ARB distributed proportionally if TVL surpasses $3 million.

To join the event:

  1. Deposit into the Stryke Vault
    Start by depositing your assets into the Stryke Vault
    Ensure your liquidity is migrated to the new vault to start accumulating scores.
  2. Compete for Scores
    Once deposited, your activity within the vault, including share and deposit time, contributes to your deposit score. The higher your score, the better your standing on the leaderboard and your chances of winning ARB rewards.
  3. Monitor the Leaderboard
    Keep an eye on the real-time leaderboard to track your progress against other participants. Stay engaged and aim for a top position to secure your share of the rewards. You can check Spaceship Leaderboard here


The Stryke Vault, through its innovative features and strategic partnerships, addresses the core challenges of liquidity provision in the DeFi space. By automating complex processes and offering lucrative rewards, it opens up new avenues for you to maximize your earnings with minimal effort. As DeFi continues to evolve, solutions like the Stryke Vault will play a crucial role in shaping a more accessible, profitable, and secure ecosystem for liquidity providers like yourself.



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