How to Easily Add ZKSync Network to Metamask

In the blockchain world, ZKSync stands out as an innovative Layer-2 protocol promising to address scalability issues often encountered in the Ethereum network. By utilizing ZKSync, users can perform transactions with low fees and fast confirmation times without compromising security.

If you’re interested in using the ZKSync network in your favorite Ethereum application or wallet like Metamask, here’s an easy-to-understand tutorial to guide you in connecting to the ZKSync Era network.

Adding ZKSync Era to Metamask Tutorial

Step 1: Install and Configure Metamask

Before diving into using the ZKSync Era network on Metamask, ensure that you have installed and configured the Metamask extension in your web browser. If you don’t have Metamask yet, download it from a supported browser extension store. Once installed, open the Metamask extension and follow the steps to create an account or import an existing one.

Step 2: Switch to ZKSync Era Network

After logging into your Metamask account, you’ll see a panel with your account information such as ETH balance and account address. In the top right corner, you’ll find the currently selected network (usually “Mainnet” or “Ropsten” for the Ethereum network).

Click on the current network name to open the drop-down menu, and scroll down until you find the “Custom RPC” option. Click this option to open the custom network settings panel.

Step 3: Configure ZKSync Era Network

In the custom network settings panel, you’ll see several fields that need to be filled:

  • Network Name: ZKSync Era
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 324
  • Currency Symbol: ETH
  • Block Explorer URL:

After correctly filling in all the fields, click the “Save” or “Add” button to save the ZKSync Era network settings.

Step 4: Switch to ZKSync Era Network

After saving the ZKSync Era network settings, you’ll return to the main Metamask panel. Click again on the current network name, and you’ll see the newly added ZKSync Era network in the list of available networks.

Click on “ZKSync Era” to switch to this network. Metamask will reload and display your balance and transaction activities on the ZKSync Era network.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully connected your Metamask to the ZKSync Era network. By following this tutorial, you can now enjoy the benefits of fast and low-cost transactions offered by ZKSync. Always remember to be cautious and verify information before sending funds or conducting important transactions on the ZKSync Era network or any other blockchain platform. Have fun exploring the ZKSync Era ecosystem!


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